Our School Leaders

Our senior students have a range of opportunities to develop leadership across the school. These include:
Prefects (pictured to the right)
These are Year 8 students who represent the school in a variety of activities including welcoming visitors to our school and taking on specific responsibilities during extracurricular activities such as laying the ANZAC wreath on behalf of the school.

House captains
Balclutha Primary School has 4 house groups (Hubbard, Moore, Grigor, Turner). Every year, two senior students from each house are elected as house captains. They take on a leadership role during inter-house competitions.

Our senior students also have the opportunity to be trained as librarians. Our student librarians open the library for issuing and returning books.
School councillors (pictured below)
Our student council is made up of representatives from Year 4-8. They organise fundraising activities to support local, national and international charities and organise fun activities for the school such as sports tournaments and mufti days.