We would like to welcome New Entrant children, transferring students and their families to our school.
  • an enrolment form will need to be filled in and a birth certificate or passport will be needed for photocopying, on or before the day your child starts school.
  • children will get an invitation to attend school visits before they turn five. They are usually on a Thursday and start six weeks before your child turns five.
  • Visits give your child a chance to meet the children and teacher in their new class and become familiar with school routines.
  • If you have not been contacted, please ring the school on 03 4190103 and make an appointment to visit the school.
  • If you are new to the district and want to discuss enrolment or visit the school, call the above number or email admin@balclutha.school.nz.
Transition to school
You can help your child make a successful transition by:
  • talking about school in a positive way, discuss activities, bells, playtime and lunchtime, going to the toilet etc. so they will know what to expect and help them to feel more confident on their first day
  • reading lots of stories to your child and discussing them
  • colouring and drawing
  • saying rhymes, listening to and singing songs
  • doing jigsaws, cutting, pasting etc
  • using correct speech and complete sentences
  • making sure your child can open packets and unwrap sandwiches
Children have been growing towards reading long before starting school, and it has been happening the same natural way as they learnt to talk. Children develop in talking and reading by; listening, talking, singing, asking and answering questions, reading and re-reading favourite stories, singing and chanting nursery rhymes and songs, sharing toys and puzzles. Making things together, going on trips and visits, and going shopping all provide the experiences that children need to develop language skills.
There are several ways to contact the school regarding transition for your child:
  • Mrs Sarah Anderson- New Entrant teacher for more information about new enrolments and school visits. email sarah@balclutha.school.nz
  • Mrs Vicki Neave- Principal regarding any transition at any age level. email vicki@balclutha.school.nz.
  • call into the office and ask for an enrolment pack from Miss Margaret Shields the office administrator. 03 4190103 admin@balclutha.school.nz